Our Story

We first met in high school, but it took a little time and distance to bring us together. One Iron Maiden concert later, our song is still Run to the Hills. We agree on enough of the same things to keep life peaceable, and disagree enough to keep things interesting. After 9 years together, we will finally be "official," no matter how many times I unwittingly sabotaged Eric's proposal attempts.

We are all a little weird
and life is a little weird,
and when we find someone
whose weirdness is
compatible with ours,
we join up with them and
fall in mutual weirdness
and call it love. - Dr. Seuss

Key Players

Gary Myers, officiant


REBECCA flynn, matron of honor
Becky & Liz have been friends since their first day of 4th grade. 18 years later, they are as close as sisters can be.

COLE benton
Ever since her sweet baby sister was first brought home from the hospital, Liz has had a best friend to last through anything. She was never so happy to get Cole in her stocking as that first Christmas.

KATHLEEN thomason
Shut the front door! With a shared love of music, pop culture, and Pokémon, Kat & Liz are always ready to get together and never at a loss for something to talk about.

MARI-BESS parker
There are many kinds of mutual weirdness, and Mari-Bess & Liz have the kind that is exceptionally bizarre, like most friends who meet in high school.

ANDREW kelly, best man
Friendships that last through the years are the hardest to break, and it helps that Eric lives across the street from his best friend.

JAY greeley
Jay is Eric's oldest, tallest, blondest brother.

JOHN greeley
John is Eric's older brother - close in age, close in looks, they both know who the smartest & best looking one is. The answer will change depending on which brother you ask, though.

JAMES sweet
If music and beer can't keep old grade school friends together, what can? Humor and a common wavelength help.

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