What We Offer

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For every customer and every preference, we have something special! Our line of herbal soaps conists of over 100 different regular and seasonal varities that we offer throughout the year in a rainbow of colors and plethora of scents. Whether exfoliating, soothing, extra moisturizing, or delicate enough for those undergoing chemotherapy, there is a soap for you.

Harmony Creek Farm also offers a variety of home and beauty products, such as shampoo bars with silk protein, talc free baby powder, lip balm, scented lotion, pine cone firestarters and many of our products are also available with a variety of giftwrapping solutions.

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a photo of a bottle of talc free baby powder  a brown and pink bar of soap an aqua bar of soap a dark green bar of soap a light green bar of soap
 a pink and white bar of soap a multicolored and white bar of soap a pink, green, and white bar of soap a tan bar of soap